Articles by Jeremy Seabrook

  • What we cannot avoid

    Jeremy Seabrook on the virulent nostalgias which obscure an essential conflict – how to reconcile the needs of the planet with the necessities of economics?
  • A pretence of progress

    Jeremy Seabrook considers the past, present and future implications of a growing inequality.
  • 21st-century coffin ships

    As we consider the plight of today’s asylum-seekers, the fate of Irish refugees two centuries ago is instructive, writes Jeremy Seabrook.
  • A soldier’s story

    *Gopal Mitra* experienced the violence and tragedy of Kashmir firsthand, but is hopeful of a peaceful future, as *Jeremy Seabrook* discovers.
  • A business climate

    Even global warming is being used for economic gain. But we can’t buy ourselves out of ruin, argues Jeremy Seabrook.
  • US loves democracy

    America's love affair with universal democracy is not quite as it seems, according to regular *NI* contributor, *Jeremy Seabrook*.