Articles by Hadani Ditmars

  • Iraq

    Hadani Ditmars finds a battered and divided country where young people strive for a progressive future.
  • Post-invasion Iraq - the facts

    Twelve years of sanctions and seven years of occupation have taken their toll as Iraqis struggle with wrecked infrastructure and continuing insecurity.
  • Iraq in pieces

    *Hadani Ditmars* returns to a country where ongoing conflict underscores a humanitarian disaster.
  • Wherever you go you take your ancestors with you

    Hadani Ditmars is reminded of these wise words as she prepares to move continents.
  • Islam in power

    *Hadani Ditmars* calls for a return to Islam’s spirit of democracy and pluralism.
  • Peace offerings

    Members of citizens’ groups for peace that attempt to bridge the Israeli-Palestinian divide talk with *Hadani Ditmars* about why working together brings its own rewards.