Articles by Dilnaz Boga

  • Damages wrought by the 2020 Bangalore riots. Credit: Times of India

    Displaced by a riot

    Since 2018, a remarkable uptick in communal violence has taken shape in India. Dilnaz Boga speaks to survivors of ethnic violence in the 1990s, who explain their fears for where the country is headed.
  • The Interview: Soni Sori

    Soni Sori, an award-winning human rights defender, speaks to Dilnaz Boga about fighting for justice for sexually abused Adivasi women.
  • The long-term effects of curfews

    As our correspondent prepares to leave Kashmir, she ponders the future for those who have no choice but to stay.
  • Kashmir’s Kan-i-jung: Cry for Freedom

    In the strife-torn valley of India-controlled Kashmir, the decades-long conflict continues to take its toll, especially on its young. Dilnaz Boga has met some of them.