Articles by Danny Dorling

  • For the third year in a row, Finland topped the UN's World Happiness Report in 2020. Credit: Kostiolavi/Pixabay


    Danny Dorling and Annika Koljonen explain how Finland has come to be so equal, peaceful and happy – and sketch out the lessons we might learn from its example.
  • Credit: Ryoji-Iwata/Unsplash

    Hitting the population brakes

    Popular wisdom has it that everything is speeding up, including population growth. Danny Dorling shows just how wrong that is – and argues that we are actually in a time of slowdown. A tour of future population prospects for key hotspots
  • Equality Effect

    The Equality Effect

    Danny Dorling begins his series of articles by presenting the evidence that greater equality benefits everyone, rich and poor – and argues that it can offer us all political hope.
  • Firing up the change against inequality

    The advantages of equality are clear, while the negative effects of widening inequality in some countries become apparent. But how can we turn the tide?
  • When we were more equal

    A few fragments from the surprising history of equality, by Danny Dorling.
  • equality

    The rich, poor and the earth

    Equality matters in terms of health and happiness, but surprising new data reveals that it is also better for the environment – in the more equal rich countries, people on average consume less, produce less waste and emit less carbon. By Danny Dorling.
  • Rising cornflakes

    Danny Dorling on why the London mayor has unwittingly done us all a favour by exposing what our élitist leaders erroneously believe.
  • Mean machine

    *Danny Dorling* explains how class divisions reinforce social inequality and lower the level of public debate.