Articles by Corporate Watch

  • Heat the rich: British Gas/Centrica

    As part of its investigation into firms cashing in on the energy crisis, Corporate Watch turns a critical eye on British Gas.
  • Image description: A woman tries to keep warm with blankets in an unheated home. Photo by Pavel Danilyuk from Pexels.

    Heat the rich? Part five: E.ON

    As part of its investigative deep dive into energy firms cashing in on the cost of living crisis, Corporate Watch investigates E.ON, the second-largest energy supplier in the UK.
  • Image description: A person wraps themselves with a blanket in an unheated home. Photo by Q000024.

    Heat the rich: OVO Energy

    In the fourth installment of its series investigating the firms cashing in on the energy crisis, Corporate Watch takes a look at the UK’s 3rd largest supplier, Ovo.
  • Image description: A remote controlled light switch operated by a nearby smartphone.

    Crisis capitalism: Octopus energy

    In the third installment of Heat the Rich – an investigative series on energy firms profiting from the cost of living crisis – Corporate Watch takes a critical look at the UK’s fourth-biggest energy supplier, Octopus Energy. 
  • EDF was founded by the French state in the aftermath of the Second World War, but now reaches way beyond France. Here an EDF-sponsored train is seen at Marseille's St Charles station.

    EDF: when the state goes full capitalist

    In the second installment of Heat the Rich, Corporate Watch puts the spotlight on EDF Energy.
  • A man holds out his hands, holiding a lightbulb with small lights coming out of it. You can't see his face.

    Cashing in on energy

    In the first of its new series, Heat the Rich, Corporate Watch takes a critical look at Scottish Power.