Articles by Adam Ma'anit

  • A world wide web of change

    The fundamentals of digital activism are little different from its analogue ancestry, argues Adam Ma'anit
  • Star Trek - Episode 1: The G20 and the B.O.R.G. Supremacy

    G20 communiqué goes boldy nowhere where everyone has gone before...
  • Water de-privatization on the rise

    Water privatization has been high on the globalisation agenda over the last years. But privatizers haven’t necessarily found it easy to get their way, thanks to vibrant campaigns by local residents, trade unionists and environmental and social justice activists. Campaigns against water privatization have been so successful – and privatization experiements so disastrous – that a trend towards de-privatization of water services has been gathering a head of steam. 
  • Free speech fallacies

    Oxford University student Clare Fisher writes in to tell us her views on the recent controversy surrounding the Oxford Union's decision to hold a debate on free speech including the controversial head of the Far Right British National Party (BNP), Nick Griffin, and Holocaust denier David Irving.
  • Commonwealth contradictions

    A reader wrote us recently about her concerns about the Heads of Commonwealth meeting taking place now in Uganda. She raises some important issues:
  • Guilt complex

    We feel guilty about what we do (flying, driving a car) and about what we don’t do (not making that demo, not recycling enough). *Adam Ma’anit* traces the roots of these feelings and argues that we need liberation.
  • Kiswahili crash course

    Of the few languages I’ve had the privilege to learn (badly) in my life, Kiswahili (Swahili) is my favourite. It’s wonderful expressionism and rich use of proverbs is a window into a different way of looking at life and communicating with one another.
  • The answer to climate change is social change

    Carbon offsets are not a solution. There are no quick fixes, time to ditch the guilt and get active argues Adam Ma’anit.
  • Carbon Offsets - The Facts

    Slicing the carbon pieThe Kyoto Protocol’s Clean Development Mechanism was supposedly created to help finance sustainable development projects in the world’s poorest countries.
  • Nuclear is the new black

    Nuclear is becoming cool again, thanks to concerns over global warming. Adam Ma'anit thinks it's all just a lot of hot air.
  • A human balance

    Whether it’s antisemitism or its polar opposite, rarely are Jews seen as ordinary human beings – as flawed and perfect as everyone else. Adam Ma’anit appeals for just such a balance.