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Yohann Koshy

Yohann Koshy

Yohann Koshy was a co-editor at New Internationalist from 2017-2019

Articles by Yohann Koshy

Uyghur men in Xinjiang pray during the Corban festival (Eid) in 2016. Public displays of religiosity are now considered signs of extremism. Credit: Kevin Frayers/Getty
Yohann Koshy speaks to anthropologist Darren Byler to find out what is going on in China’s predominantly Uyghur northwest...
Yohann Koshy on the ironies and contradictions of what one day might be called the Chinese century.
Got what it takes to be a peace-building mediator? Take our quiz and find out.
The Carbon Bubble
Yohann Koshy looks at the impending catastrophe linking the stock market to climate change.
Ten years after the greatest economic crisis since the Great Depression, Yohann Koshy takes stock of what went wrong and where...
Kate Osamor
Kate Osamor, Labour’s shadow international development secretary, speaks to Yohann Koshy about aid and empire.
Two years since the murder of an Italian student in Cairo, the Egyptian regime has yet to acknowledge the nature of its...
Youth: Arrested development
What’s left for young people today? Yohann Koshy examines the emergence of ‘millennials’ and the political activism they are...
Two artists have invented a saint to protect residents from gentrification. Yohann Koshy reports.
The main takeaway? The ‘British Left’ need no longer be placed within quotation marks, says NI’s Yohann Koshy.

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