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Veronique Mistiaen

Veronique Mistiaen is a journalist writing about human rights, international development, social issues and the environment for leading publications in the Britain and internationally, including Newsweek, The Economist,The Guardian, Telegraph and Positive News, among others. She is also a media trainer and lecturer.

Veronique Mistiaen is known as @VeroMistiaen on Twitter

Articles by Veronique Mistiaen

Photo: Craven Mupenda/Girl Effect
Flavia Mutamutega, Rwanda’s sole agony aunt for adolescent girls, tells Veronique Mistiaen about the problems that preoccupy...
Veronique Mistiaen speaks to an Iranian human rights activist currently in hiding.
People from the various villages in Baram  district demonstrate against the proposed dam. SAMBAN TUGANG
An epic struggle has been playing out between islanders defending their land, rivers and livelihoods and the Malaysian...
Palm-oil corporations are threatening the rich rainforests Liberians depend on. Veronique Mistiaen hears from environmental...
Liz McDaid and Makoma Lekalakaka in front of the country’s only nuclear power station – Koeberg.
Makoma Lekalakala and Liz McDaid won the Goldman Environmental Prize for stopping a secret nuclear deal with Russia. Veronique...
Gina Lopez
The fiery Filipino environmentalist talks to Veronique Mistiaen.
Indian land rights activist Prafulla Samantara talks to Veronique Mistiaen.
He puts his life on the line to protect the Democratic Republic of Congo's national parks.
Veronique Mistiaen meets Afghanistan’s ‘mother of education’, who for more than two decades has been transforming lives through...
Veronique Mistiaen looks at how Positive News is putting the reins of its business in readers’ hands.
Ikal Angelei is winning the fight to save Lake Turkana from Ethiopia's Gibe III dam.
‘Uncle’ Saddam was a constant and sinister presence in Zainab Salbi’s childhood years. She grew up determined to fight injustice...

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