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Vanessa Baird

Vanessa Baird lived and worked as a journalist in Peru during the tumultuous mid-1980s, and she maintains a passionate interest in South America. She joined New Internationalist as a co-editor in 1986 and since then has written on everything from migration, money, religion and equality to indigenous activism, climate change, feminism and global LGBT rights. She also edits the Mixed Media, arts and culture section of the magazine.

Vanessa’s books include The No-Nonsense Guide to World Population (2011), Sex, Love and Homophobia (2004), The Little Book of Big Ideas (2009) and, People First Economics (2010). In 2012 she won a prestigious Amnesty International Human Rights Media award.

Vanessa Baird is known as @VanessaBNI on Twitter

Slum dwellers receive free food during a 21-day nationwide lockdown to limit the spreading of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19), in Ahmedabad, India, March 27, 2020. REUTERS/Amit Dave

Those most at risk

Husna Rizvi on how the virus will impact those already living in confinement.​

Latest issue: March-April 2020

How we make poverty

Articles by Vanessa Baird

New Internationalist
As we enter another week of remote working, our thoughts are with you – our readers and contributors.
Low-paid workers and those in the gig economy are, by the nature of their work, the least able to ‘socially distance’ themselves and may also,  due to the precarious nature of their employment feel compelled to work when unwell. Credit: WikiCommons
Action – and inaction – on coronavirus is an equality issue, locally and internationally, writes Vanessa Baird.
Credit: Roman Kraft/Unsplash
How do we get news that is true – and in the public interest – to the places it does not reach, asks Vanessa Baird? 
Residents hold signs during a protest against Las Bambas mine in Apurimac, where Virginia Pinares also fights
Indigenous human-rights defender Virginia Pinares talks to Vanessa Baird about mining in Peru and why she needs to enter...
Car drivers in Bogotá, Colombia, spent 271 hours in traffic jams during 2018, in Dublin 246 hours and in London 227 hours, according to global traffic data cruncher INREX
Vanessa Baird on how to turn a toxic bane into a liberating blessing.
Argentina has just joined Mexico and Bolivia in electing a Left-leaning government. Brazilian academic and activist Emir Sader...
Vanessa Baird examines the free-for-all consensus when it comes to the world’s oceans, and its implications for our future.
Parliament or the people? And which people? Vanessa Baird prepares to march for a confirmatory vote.
Vanessa Baird dreams on. Or maybe not?
Slavery, murder, abandonment. Where human rights do not reach.
The race is on to patent all marine life – and some have got a head start. Marine scientist Robert Blasiak explains to Vanessa...
Boris Johnson’s shutdown of parliament could spark an early general election, but that’s nothing to feel sanguine about. 

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