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Tamara Pearson

Dejected Labour party members after a disasterous UK General Election

So where on Earth do we go from here?

Chris Brazier tries to see beyond the wreckage of the UK’s 2019 election.

Latest issue: October 2019

China in charge

Articles by Tamara Pearson

Mexico’s new left-leaning President sees an opportunity in championing the legacy of the Mexican revolutionary Emiliano Zapata...
The Latin American nation goes to the polls 1 July to elect a new president. Tamara Pearson reports.
A community school in Baranca Honda, Puebla state, Mexico. Photo: Tamara Pearson
Tamara Pearson explains why the poor are not taken seriously on creative stages.
What it's like when narcos run your privatized water system, Tamara Pearson reports.
Homlessness around the world
We talked to homeless in different countries and they revealed housing insecurity's different causes around the world.
Women are jailed for miscarriages, yet male spouses who've murdered walk free. Tamara Pearson reports.
Tamara Pearson profiles this South American country, from the November issue of New Internationalist magazine.
The time has come for rural communities to play an important role in the country, reports Tamara Pearson.

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