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Steve Parry

Steve Parry is a comedy writer, performer and political activist. He is Welsh and lives in north London.


Steve Parry is known as @stevejparry on Twitter

Articles by Steve Parry

conspiracy theories
Steve Parry considers the allure of conspiracy theories and flirts with going over to the dark side.
Sean Spicer, Donald Trump’s first Press Secretary.
Don’t let Sean Spicer whitewash himself with showbiz. Steve Parry writes.
Will technology set us free or just replace all of us? Steve Parry asks.
KidZania is an unashamed shrine to the sterile, dystopian human-made landscapes, comedian Steve Parry writes.
The media must bear some responsibility for getting us into this mess, but journalists can also get out of it, writes Steve Parry...
Steve Parry's latest column from the November edition of New Internationalist magazine.
Steve Parry explains why politicians and the internet don't get on. PLUS: Polyp's Big Bad World cartoon.
Steve Parry experiences Trolling and is still recovering.
Why Steve Parry doesn't like newspaper columnists.
Steve Parry decries an application process more cut-throat than a Dads' egg-and-spoon race on sports day.
The current 'beatification' of Mandela is an attempt to neutralize his political legacy, says Steve Parry.
Steve Parry on the similarities between party politics and enforced group celebration and why the Left has a thirst for something...

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