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Stephanie Boyd

Stephanie Boyd is a Canadian filmmaker and journalist who has been living and working in Peru since 1997. Her films have been broadcast on Al Jazeera, the Sundance Channel, TeleSur, Russia Today, Press TV and other networks and won more than 30 international awards.... which hasn’t stopped Peruvian authorities from censoring them. She is currently working with Kukama indigenous communities in the Amazon rainforest on a film about the struggle to protect their river and the spirit world below. 

Stephanie Boyd is known as @deviloperation on Twitter

Articles by Stephanie Boyd

Letter from Shapajilla. ILLUSTRATION: SARAH JOHN
Stephanie Boyd reports from an Amazonian village where traditional ways of life are changing with modern times.
Stephanie Boyd experiences new life amid grief on a night voyage in the Peruvian Amazon.
Illustration: Sarah John
Stephanie Boyd on a beautiful farewell in Peru’s southern Andes.
Stephanie Boyd reports from the Peruvian Amazon on the fight to get adequate healthcare that respects indigenous tradition. 
Stephanie Boyd on the making of a groundbreaking indigenous film about the pandemic in Peru’s Amazon.
In Peru, private corporations are hiring public law enforcers, writes Stephanie Boyd.
Tax avoidance is anything but a victimless crime, with some of its most pernicious effects in the Global South, Stephanie Boyd...
A blow for press freedom occurs just as the country prepares for a new ultra-right government, writes Stephanie Boyd.
Despite the election upset, the opposition will not be silenced, writes Stephanie Boyd.
Stephanie Boyd recounts her journey from youthful idealist to passionate filmmaker.
Peru’s climate change talks open to allegations of hypocrisy and deception, Stephanie Boyd reports.
Certification schemes notwithstanding, clean gold is a bit of a scam, says Stephanie Boyd.

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