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Stefan Simanowitz

Stefan Simanowitz is a journalist, writer and human rights campaigner.

Follow at @StefSimanowitz
Visit: http://www.stefansimanowitz.com

Articles by Stefan Simanowitz

Stefan Simanowitz spends a week with the protesters in New York.
Actor Javier Bardem this week called on the UN to end human rights abuses in the former Spanish colony, reports Stefan Simanowitz...
Jeremy Corbyn MP and Stefan Simanowitz look at the prospects for a resolution of one of the world’s longest running conflicts.
Stefan Simanowitz comments on the weakening of Iran's pro-democracy Green Movement and the tensions over the country's alleged...
Stefan Simanowitz reports from Tindouf, Algeria, where the world's remotest film festival took place last week.
Stefan Simanowitz reflects on his preparations for reporting on the British Royal Wedding for Al Jazeera.
As France bans the burqa, Stefan Simanowitz considers the increased intolerance to the ‘other’ in our modern world.
The world’s remotest film festival, held in a refugee camp in the Sahara desert, has been presented in London.
Professor Noam Chomsky is in Britain as part of his European tour. Stefan Simanowitz went to see him.
Stefan Simanowitz looks at the ‘responsibility to protect’ principle and assesses the extent to which the ICC referral might have...
Morocco’s exploitation of Western Sahara’s fish stocks in choppy waters.
Stefan Simanowitz considers the implications of recent events in Egypt and the whole region.

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