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Robin Tudge

Robin Tudge is a writer, professional actor and author, having written the No Nonsense Guide to Global Surveillance (2011) and the best-selling Rough Guide to Conspiracy Theories. He has also led tours to North Korea. Originally from London, he has lived and worked in Chicago, Moscow, Hanoi and Beijing and travelled across Asia and Europe, and has been published in newspapers worldwide. He now lives in Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

Robin Tudge is known as @@robintudge on Twitter

Articles by Robin Tudge

Following the Jennifer Lawrence photo scandal, Robin Tudge takes a closer look at how Apple has sidestepped its data-storing...
Do not be fooled, this has nothing to do with jihadis or paedophiles, says Robin Tudge.
PRISM’s nothing new, it’s just the latest reveal of spy agencies’ ability – which they take to be a right – to monitor us all,...
Robin Tudge on why we must never let down our guard.
Forget about data protection – spies are demanding our elected leaders and private companies serve up everything we do online....
Listen to an interview on the extent to which Big Brother is watching us all in an age of CCTV, the internet and DNA databases.
'Perhaps social media doesn’t kill people, it’s governments that kill people, and Western tech firms just follow the law. But...
"Surveillance has truly become a global state in its own right. Anybody could tell that by picking up a newspaper." 

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