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Richard Swift

Articles by Richard Swift

Whatever his shortcomings, Ramaphosa is probably the last chance for the older generation of ANC leadership to make good on...
The Hondurans who took to the streets following the election were met by a hailstorm of teargas and sometimes live gunfire,...
Saudi Arabia’s King-in-waiting – and his aggressive foreign policy – is put under the spotlight.
The record of Zimbabwe's new President is not re-assuring for  Zimbabweans interested in human rights discovers Richard Swift
Iceland's charismatic new Left-Green prime minister has big plans, but will the Left-Green's radical programme survive political...
Hurricane Maria swept through Dominica, destroying 62 per cent of all dwellings and killing 57, Richard Swift reports.
Richard Swift profiles New Zealand/Aotearoa’s new 37-year-old Prime Minister.
Shrinking political space: the current clampdown on popular rights mirrors a profound malaise with our system of top-down political representation.
Across the world political space is shrinking. Richard Swift explains how and why.
South Sudan power
Richard Swift profiles president Mayardit and former vice-president Machar.
Macron won more than twice as many votes as expected, writes Richard Swift.
Highlights from the largest documentary film festival in the world.
Ecuadorians have replaced one Leftist president with another, writes Richard Swift.

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