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Reem Haddad

Articles by Reem Haddad

Civil war, ISIS invasions, mountains of rubbish. Reem Haddad reports from Beirut.
Green shoots of hope spring up among the rubble of discontent, writes Reem Haddad.
Reem Haddad reports on how Christian Palestinians in Lebanon have welcomed Muslim refugees from Syria.
Living in Lebanon is like watching a dramatic thriller unfold. At times it’s exciting, at other times heart-wrenching or just...
In the last of her monthly letters Reem Haddad returns to the murder that has obsessed her nation.
Faced with her daughter’s pioneering of a new language built from Arabic, French and English, Reem Haddad tears her hair out.
Gentrification has hit the oldest areas of Beirut, to Reem Haddad's great chagrin.
The triumphant return of a warlord sees Reem Haddad lamenting people's short memories.
Arab women have suddenly started appearing on reality TV, to Reem Haddad's surprise.
The same faces are back, and Reem Haddad can’t believe what she’s seeing.
Explosions rock Beirut, prompting in Reem Haddad fears of the bad old days of civil war.
After years of self-censoring silence, Reem Haddad says goodbye to the Syrians.

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