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Phil England

Phil England is producer of Climate Radio and co-founder of the award-winning community radio station Resonance FM. In 2012 he produced an alternative audio tour for the Tate Modern as part of the campaign to end oil sponsorship of the arts. His freelance writing has appeared in The Independent, The Herald, The Ecologist, Variant and The Wire.

Articles by Phil England

Owen Jones on élites, cronyism and what we can do to change Britain's current predicament.
Phil England hosts a special edition of Climate Radio that asks if negotiators in Warsaw will finally step up for the planet?
In this month's Climate Radio, Phil England and guests discuss the IPCC report, divestment and the global recession.
Phil England and guests explain why we're now standing at a crossroads between two different energy paths.
The 'renewable' energy more harmful than coal. Phil England hosts this month's episode of Climate Radio.
Climate Radio looks at the battle for Britain’s energy future: the government and energy lobby vs. campaigners and official...
Phil England and guests discuss what a potential democratic crisis in Britain could mean for the environment.
Taking action against tar sands in North America and the EU and why Obama must say not to the Keystone XL pipeline.
Phil England hosts the latest Climate Radio episode on Shell’s suspended drilling, the British government and your pension.
Phil England speaks to Cambridge University’s Professor Peter Wadhams and Professor Timothy Lenton, from the University of...
What we need at the June meeting is action – not voluntary pledges and empty goals. Phil England looks ahead.
Interview with Gigi Ibrahim, a 24-year-old Egyptian activist. She talks about the real causes of the revolution, the situation on...

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