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Pat Mooney and Nnimmo Bassey

Pat Mooney and Nnimmo Bassey

Pat Mooney and Nnimmo Bassey are both recipients of the Right Livelihood Award, given to people and organizations that have ‘found practical solutions to the root causes of global problems’.

Pat worked on ETC Group’s publication, ‘Who Will Feed Us?’ which compared peasant farming and industrial agriculture.

Nnimmo is the founder of HOME (Health of Mother Earth Foundation) and on ETC’s Board of Trustees, and Pat is the organization’s co-founder.

Women march during the National Black Consciousness Day in Sao Paulo, Brazil November 20, 2019. REUTERS/Nacho Doce

Black women in the vanguard

In Brazil, misogynoir – misogyny directed at black women – has been used to fire up President Jair Bolsonaro’s machismo base, and divert the population’s attention away from his failings. Leonardo Sakomoto writes.

Latest issue: April 2020

The fight for clean air

Articles by Pat Mooney and Nnimmo Bassey

Peasants feed world: examples of the rich variety of foods produced by peasant farming.
Peasants, not industrial agriculture, are the way to feed the world, argue Pat Mooney and Nnimmo Bassey.

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