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Nithin Coca

Nithin Coca is a freelance journalist covering politics, the environment, human rights and the social impacts of tech globally.

Nithin Coca is known as @excinit on Twitter

Articles by Nithin Coca

The country’s economic influence may be buying silence on a massive human rights violation. Nithin Coca reports.
The country's president has ignored the growing consensus that heavy-handed tactics have failed, writes Nithin Coca.
Homlessness around the world
We talked to homeless in different countries and they revealed housing insecurity's different causes around the world.
The story is a complex web of deceit, connecting the ruling elite, royalty, investment banks and offshore tax havens. Nithin Coca...
Nithin Coca reports from Indonesia on the expansion of oil palm plantations in the rainforests of Sumatra.
Nithin Coca looks at the causes of an unfolding environmental and health catastrophe.
Nithin Coca warns against offering the country a second chance at the Olympics.
Nithin Coca reports on a political battle between government and a respected anti-corruption institution.
Nithin Coca explores the country’s pressing human rights issue.
Nithin Coca explores the intricacies of social revolutions and their importance for democracy.

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