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Nikki van der Gaag

Articles by Nikki van der Gaag

A small-scale farm worker pictured in Tanzania.  (Alun McDonald/Oxfam)
Nikki van der Gaag remembers the history of race and representation discussions in the development sector and asks, what has...
In an attempt to improve women’s lives, this east African country is leaving young men behind, writes Nikki van der Gaag.
If Tony Blair and George W. Bush had listened to Iraqis we would be living in a different world, Nikki van der Gaag writes.
The film industry is failing women, but there is hope, as Nikki van der Gaag explains.
For Father’s day, Nikki van der Gaag discusses feminism, men and unravelling gender stereotypes.
Gender activist Gary Barker sees young men who respect woman and are connected fathers.
"It is no longer acceptable to live in a world where young girls are taken out of school and forced into early marriage, where...
*Nikki van der Gaag* reveals how, in many countries around the world, girls are still discriminated against, abused and treated...
What is really happening to girls in a post-feminist world
Pedalling to Hawaii by Stevie Smith
Nikki van der Gaag reveals how some practices persist even in the West.
Violence against women is a bigger killer than cancer or traffic accidents. Nikki van der Gaag explains what can be done.

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