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Mark Engler

Mark Engler's latest book is entitled This Is An Uprising: How Nonviolent Revolt Is Shaping the Twenty-first Century (Nation Books). He can be reached via the website DemocracyUprising.com

Mark Engler is known as @markjengler on Twitter

Articles by Mark Engler

Can this much lauded proposal help advance internationalist aims? Mark Engler argues that it could.
Mark Engler reflects on the life of Pete Seeger - an American musician, patriot and dissident.
Jeff Bezos must be stopped, writes Mark Engler. Nobody is calling to task Amazon's dirty work. About 165 billion packages are shipped in the US each year.
Jeff Bezos must be stopped, writes Mark Engler.
Mark Engler argues that US foreign policy historically has helped give rise to the current administration's migration policies.
In major US cities, working people have been all but priced out, pushed into ever more distant fringes and suburbs. Mark Engler...
The people Trump has entrusted with significant responsibilities are so vile and dangerous that we should be grateful he has...
Mark Engler considers popular resistance to mass shootings and increasing healthcare costs in the US. 
We're up against a long history of bigotry, ignorance and disdain, writes Mark Engler
Mark Engler: ‘America First’ is a corporate scam
Trump’s policy should be called ‘Corporate America First’, argues Mark Engler.
Extreme wealth: the way the one per cent lives.
Mark Engler reflects on the vulgar reality of extreme wealth.
Mark Engler on sexual violence today in light of the Harvey Weinstein scandal. Jürgen Fälchle/Alamy
We need organizing and mass mobilization to make it a thing of the past, writes Mark Engler.
dangerous dignity of war
Why is bomb-dropping all it takes to appear presidential, Mark Engler asks.  

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