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Maina Waruru

Articles by Maina Waruru

The Turkana are a nomadic people, mainly based near Lake Turkana in north-west Kenya. Photo: Filiberto Strazzari, CC-BY-2.0
In East Africa, traditional lifestyles are bringing nomads into conflict with states, writes Maina Waruru.
Nairobi’s poor will lose their homes and livelihoods, writes Maina Waruru.
Maina Waruru fears a ‘scrabble for cash’ as more law firms and ex-fighters threaten legal action.
Britain says it’s too late for torture victims to seek compensation but the new Kenyan government could intervene.
In a country where political discourse is defined by ethnic group, Maina Waruru fears vernacular radio stations could be used to...
With his elderly teacher in mind, Maina Waruru urges Britain to settle with surviving Kenyan fighters quickly.
Maina Waruru questions the motivations of firms seeking compensation from the British government.
Maina Waruru celebrates payouts for persecuted activists on the International Day in Support of Victims of Torture.

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