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Maggie Black

Articles by Maggie Black

Abuse must be eradicated but the attack on Oxfam is disproportionate, argues Maggie Black in this opinion piece
Forget number-crunching; development workers need to get out into the field to understand poverty, writes Maggie Black. 
At a school Christmas show, Maggie Black worries that things have gone too far.
After weathering decades of diplomatic storms, many wonder if the international organization can still be reformed, writes Maggie...
There are limits to what measuring poverty can do, argues Maggie Black.
This week the British government announced that it was ending official aid to India. This is a mistake, argues Maggie Black.
No development process succeeds without the participation of those it targets, argues Maggie Black.
Thirty years since the recently re-elected Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni abducted him as a child soldier, Kassim Kiggundu...
2008 is the International Year of Sanitation. Or, asks *Maggie Black*, is it the International Year of Silence and Embarrassment?
Somalia is the ultimate in ‘imagined communities’, the failed state whose fissiparous character is unique even in today’s...
Somalia: The Untold Story edited by Judith Gardner and Judy El Bushra
Maggie Black talks dirty with a group of sanitation experts in a Chinese hotel and sees a green future for the humble loo.

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