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Leonardo Goi

Leonardo Goi is a Bogota-based political analyst specialised in Colombia's conflict. He has worked for CERAC (Centro de Recursos para el Análisis de Conflictos), FIP (Fundación Ideas Para la Paz) and is currently a researcher for InSight Crime.

Articles by Leonardo Goi

The atmosphere is toxic after the referendum, but Colombia has a chance to rethink what kind of peace it aspires to, writes...
On the brink of a historic referendum, Leonardo Goi warns that Colombia’s peace can’t come without ending the marginalization of...
Leonardo Goi welcomes the end to a 52-year conflict between FARC rebels and the state.
Realizing peace means tackling the structural dimensions of different sources of violence, argues Leonardo Goi.
Retribution will not heal old wounds in Colombia, warns Leonardo Goi
Leonardo Goi argues that an end to the 30-year-old conflict requires a new State.
Leonardo Goi weighs the prospects and promises of the guerrilla movement’s latest ceasefire.
With so much at stake, the government and the FARC will continue negotiations despite the end of the ceasefire, believes Leonardo...
Using the military in political games could be catastrophic for Colombia’s peace process, says Leonardo Goi.
Leonardo Goi looks at the country’s complicated process of justice.
Ending conflict in Colombia is an intricate game – and President Santos is playing it carefully. Leonardo Goi analyses the action...

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