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Leonardo Sakamoto

Leonardo Sakamoto is a journalist, political scientist, director of Repórter Brasil and UN adviser.

Leonardo Sakamoto is known as @blogdosakamoto on Twitter

Articles by Leonardo Sakamoto

QAnon has a lot to learn from Brazil, writes Leonardo Sakamoto.
QAnon has a lot to learn from Brazil, writes Leonardo Sakamoto.
A man takes rest on the roadside in a Carapicuiba City favela.  ​Image by Luiz Gonzaga De Souza/Pixabay
Leonardo Sakamoto reflects on the police killing of João Pedro Matos Pinto, a 14-year-old black boy, and one of many Brazilian...
Leasing a flying ICU to go between Belém and Brasília costs over $6,794 – or 63 months’ wages of a person within the poor 50 per cent.
In Brazil, the rich, who infected the poor, are now buying ICU flights for themselves.
Women march during the National Black Consciousness Day in Sao Paulo, Brazil November 20, 2019. REUTERS/Nacho Doce
In Brazil, misogynoir – misogyny directed at black women – has been used to fire up President Jair Bolsonaro’s machismo base,...
The Ashaninka are an indigenous people living in the State of Acre, Brazil. © Pedro França/MinC
Leonardo Sakamoto on the war against indigenous people.
About 369,000 people are believed to modern slaves in Brazil - representing 1 in 555 of its population - according to the Global Slavery Index by human rights group Walk Free Foundation.
Rescuing slaves is not the cure, says Leonardo Sakomoto.
Leonardo Sakamoto writes plainly about the suicidal drives and fake patriotism behind the culling of the Amazon rainforest.
Leonardo Sakomoto on Brazil's top judge who became vigilante – and then ‘God’
In Rio de Janeiro, even bystanders are falling victim to brutal policing tactics, reports Leonardo Sakamoto.
Leonardo Sakamoto reports on the ‘first and most important battle to be fought by the opposition’ in Bolsonaro’s Brazil

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