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Kelsi Farrington

Kelsi Farrington is the production editor at New Internationalist and predominately edits, proofs and commissions pieces for the print magazine. Originally from a tiny island in the Bahamas, she's lived in rural Wales, Cornwall, London and now Oxford.

Kelsi Farrington is known as @kelsimarie91 on Twitter

Articles by Kelsi Farrington

Dirty Work showcases the everyday lives of those making a living in the waste trade.  
Farmers from the southern state of Tamil Nadu pose half-shaved during a protest to demand a better drought-relief package from the federal government in New Delhi, India.
Stories you might have missed in 2017. By Kelsi Farrington.
For environmental defenders 2016 was the deadliest year on record, writes Kelsi Farrington.
Australia dropped unnecessaray secrecy rules that undermined accountability, writes Kelsi Farrington.
Kelsi Farrington on the truth behind the holiday-brochure images.
What did this year's Fashion Revolution movement teach us? And what can the next generation do to change the current state of...
New Internationalist's new eco-fashion book, Slow Fashion, by Safia Minney, explores the rebirth of the slow fashion movement.
Human Rights Watch has thrown its weight behind a challenge to Iran’s ban on women watching volleyball matches. Kelsi Farrington...
An excerpt from Vegan Love Story on vegan-friendly alternatives to dairy for World Vegan Day.
An excerpt from Vegan Love Story by Hiltl and tibits presenting alternatives to eggs. 
Kelsi Farrington explains how the wiki helps English-language learners become familiar with global issues and develop the...
Summary of the 'Cooked Up' event at the London Short Story Festival. 

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