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John Crabtree

Articles by John Crabtree

Peru's presidential candidate Pedro Castillo gestures to supporters, in Tacabamba, Peru June 6, 2021. REUTERS/Alessandro Cinque
Pedro Castillo may have won the election but his leadership is not guaranteed yet. John Crabtree looks at the challenges ahead...
President of Peru Martín Vizcarra, prior to swearing in his cabinet in 2018. WikiCommons
John Crabtree reports on the shock ousting of ‘anti-corruption’ president Martín Vizcarra.
Human rights defenders are being criminalized in Peru. John Crabtree highlights the unusual case of Walter Aduviri.
A resounding election win for Bolivia’s indigenous and anti-neoliberalist president. John Crabtree reports.
A flourishing economy, more jobs and less poverty - is Bolivia a Latin American success story?

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