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Jen Wilton

Jen Wilton is a freelance journalist, researcher and photographer currently living in London, UK. In 2013 Jen spent time in Mexico working on an Investigative Journalism Fellowship for the Tyee, Canada, looking at Canadian mining in the region. She reports on social and political issues related to Mexico and Latin America more widely. Her particular interests include indigenous rights, migration and the role of the extractive industries.

Jen has been published by the Guardian UK, Canadian Dimension, ROAR mag, Latino Rebels, Upside Down World and the Dominion (Media Co-op Canada). You can read more of her written work on Revolution Is Eternal.

Jen Wilton is known as @@GuerillaGrrl on Twitter

Articles by Jen Wilton

Jen Wilton explains how geospatial mapping can help advance environmental and social justice.
Jen Wilton reports from Geneva, where the UN has been grilling Mexico over its handling of 43 missing students.
Jen Wilton investigates the murky waters of an August 2014 chemical spill which is still rocking the boat in Mexico.
Jen Wilton and Liam Barrington-Bush explore Marinaleda, Spain’s communist utopia.
Jen Wilton reports on an important case study.
But a wave of social unrest may derail the government’s economic agenda, says Jen Wilton.
Jen Wilton and Liam Barrington-Bush report from Oaxaca on a visit from Indian ‘seed activist’ Vandana Shiva.

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