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Horatio Morpurgo

Horatio Morpurgo is a reporter and a literary refusenik. He’s written about poets and philosophers, revolutions, road-building, marine reserves and much besides. See Lady Chatterley’s Defendant & Other Awkward Customers (Just Press) for details.

Articles by Horatio Morpurgo

Horatio Morpurgo on the far right movements in Ukraine.
As a new immigration centre opens in Dorset, Horatio Morpurgo asks why refugees are treated so badly.
The tabloid hysteria ignores historical, social and cultural imperatives, says Horatio Morpurgo. 
Horatio Morpurgo reviews George Monbiot’s latest book, Feral.
Despite Mark Kennedy, despite the police, the spirit of the Tarnac 10 will live on, says Horatio Morpurgo.
Planners turning a deaf ear to local traders ignore the community at their peril says Horatio Morpurgo.
As the the radical sociologist’s life is commemorated in a new film, Horatio Morpurgo wonders what words of encouragement he...
L’affaire Tarnac is a story little-followed outside of France. Horatio Morpurgo tracks down the collective – whose members have...
*Horatio Morpurgo* supplies an environmental missing link.
Hold Everything Dear – Dispatches on Survival and Resistance by *John Berger*
*Horatio Morpurgo* visits the scene of the _Napoli_, a container ship grounded off the coast of Britain, to see what lies beneath...
*Horatio Morpurgo* unearths the seeds of future discord in Romania and Bulgaria.

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