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Eduardo Galeano

Eduardo Galeano (1940 2015) is the author of Open Veins of Latin America and was considered global soccer's pre-eminent man of letters

Articles by Eduardo Galeano

Uruguayan poet-historian Eduardo Galeano, a long-time contributor to New Internationalist, has died. We remember him through his...
Anything can happen in football, they say. Eduardo Galeano looks back on the World Cup and agrees.
In an upside-down world, there are many questions to be asked, writes *Eduardo Galeano*.
To justify itself, state terrorism creates terrorists: it sows hatred and harvests alibis, writes Eduardo Galeano.
Lies, food & the poor by *Eduardo Galeano*
by *Eduardo Galeano*
Uruguayans remain a ‘footballized’ people, according to *Eduardo Galeano*.
The Berlin Wall was considered an outrage. But where, asks *Eduardo Galeano*, is the outrage at the other walls being erected...
Indigenous leader Evo Morales’ election victory continues to cause shockwaves around the world. *Eduardo Galeano* sees it as...
Travelling through Honduras, El Salvador, Mexico and the US, Eduardo Galeano is searched for ‘prohibited items’.
The inimitable Eduardo Galeano offers his thoughts on football.

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