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Danny Chivers

Danny Chivers is a climate change researcher, activist and performance poet. He is the author of the New Internationalist's The No-Nonsense Guide to Climate Change: The science, the solutions, the way forward.

Danny Chivers is known as @chiversdanny on Twitter

Articles by Danny Chivers

Fungus, fire and falling prices. Danny Chivers does a round-up of climate news.
Tree-planting overkill? There literally isn’t enough room on the planet to host all the corporate carbon offsetting plans. NIKOLA JOVANOVIC/UNSPLASH
Is there more to carbon offsetting than greenwash? Danny Chivers explores.
Fighting on all fronts. Samela, a 23-year-old activist from the Association of the Satere-Mawe Indigenous Women in Manaus, Amazonas in Brazil, co-ordinates the production of protective face masks.RAPHAEL ALVES/IMF/CREATIVE COMMONS
Want to restore and protect the world's forests? Then uphold the rights of the people who live in them, says Danny Chivers.
Not green, in fact: The Petra Nova CSS facility (pictured above) captured carbon from a coal plant in Texas, US... and used the CO2 to boost production at the West Ranch oil field, via a 130-kilometre pipeline. REUTERS/TRISH BADGER
Danny Chivers weighs up the evidence on carbon-capture technologies and finds them wanting.
Amazon for the Amazon? Founder Jeff Bezos at his firm's HQ in Seattle. TED S WARREN/AP
Danny Chivers reveals the deep flaws of ‘net-zero’ targets.
The fight continues: indigenous groups and their allies blockade government buildings in Victoria, Canada to protest a natural gas pipeline through Wet'suwet'en territory. Zuma Press inc/Alamy
Danny Chivers is buoyed up by three decisive victories led by indigenous groups against fossil fuel interests in Australia,...
Protesters hold placards and shout slogans during a climate change rally in Sydney, Australia, January 10, 2020. AAP Image/Steven Saphore/via REUTERS
All is not lost. Danny Chivers offers four movement-building strategies for the years ahead.
Danny Chivers unpacks how the public purse continues to subsidize extractive industry.
Danny Chivers explains how those outside Latin America can act in solidarity with forest defenders.
Climate breakdown is in the spotlight. Danny Chivers offers five ways to seize the moment.
In order to avoid climate breakdown, over 80 per cent of known fossil-fuel reserves must stay in the ground. Danny Chivers has...
As opposition to fossil-fuel sponsorship grows, arts institutions funded by big oil are looking increasingly out of touch....

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