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Conrad Landin

Conrad Landin is a co-editor at New Internationalist. Based in Glasgow, he was formerly head of communications for Scottish Labour, and Scotland editor of the Morning Star. His work has also appeared in the Daily Mirror, Tribune, The Guardian, the Times Literary Supplement, the London Review of Books, the Evening Standard, the i newspaper, The Scotsman, The Times and RAIL magazine.

Conrad Landin is known as @conradlandin on Twitter

Articles by Conrad Landin

A police barrace at Westminster Parliament, London.
Conrad Landin considers the vital role of New Internationalist – and asks for your support.
An anti-government protests in front of the general prosecutor’s headquarters in Moldova’s capital, Chișinău. DAN MORAR/SHUTTERSTOCK
Conrad Landin takes a look at Moldova and its unresolved reckoning with a tormented past.
A study of 10,000 young people across 10 countries found 45 per cent said climate change ‘negatively affected their daily life and functioning’. The  impact was significantly higher in the four Global  South countries surveyed: Brazil, Nigeria, the Philippines and India. MEDIA LENS KING/SHUTTERSTOCK
We don’t just need solutions – we need the courage to imagine they will succeed. Conrad Landin makes the case for collective...
Roman Iagupov on the left a man with a blue and red t-shirt, a black basebal cap and sunglasses. He holds drum sticks. On the right another man plays guitar. He also wears sunglasses and headphones. They are both on stage.
Moldovan Eurovision veterans Zdob și Zdub have been on quite the musical journey. Conrad Landin speaks to their lead singer.
Men stand with a banner that reads ' Save our seafarers' and union flags
A recent wave of mass redundancies from P&O ferries has triggered outrage. Conrad Landin reports from Cairnryan, Scotland,...
Illustrations: Jason Ngai
After centuries of government exclusion a new generation of Romani activists is fighting back. Conrad Landin profiles three...
A Romani mother and daughter in Hajduhadhaz, eastern Hungary, 22 March 2011. The town’s Romani population has been subjected to vigilante patrols at the hands of Hungary’s far-right Jobbik party, which came second in the 2018 parliamentary elections. BERNADETT SZABO/REUTERS
Conrad Landin travels to the Czech Republic to chronicle a death untold.
Image by Tom Page, Creative Commons
Conrad Landin explores the idea of a universal free ride.
No fear of heights: two engineers check out the  drill shaft on an oil platform in the North Sea. HORIZON INTERNATIONAL IMAGES LIMITED/ALAMY
As the UN climate talks commence – where talk of a green and just transition for workers is on the agenda – Conrad Landin...
Conrad Landin reports from a vigil in memory of Stanislav Tomas, a Roma man who died following a brutal arrest by police in the...

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