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Chris Spannos

Chris Spannos is Digital Editor for New Internationalist. He has been a journalist for nearly two decades producing media across digital and print media platforms. In 2014 he was a founding Web Editor at teleSUR English in Quito, Ecuador. Chris lives in Oxford, England.

Chris Spannos is known as @cspannos on Twitter

Articles by Chris Spannos

As news media face a crisis of legitimacy, reader supported alternatives offer a way forward, Chris Spannos writes.
The world woke today shocked that Trump won the US Presidential elections. Now is a time for deep reflection, writes Chris...
To continue in this new digital age, New Internationalist needs your help. Chris Spannos explains.
Internet users used to be worried about government control of the web but the opposite may be true, writes Chris Spannos
We need to harness the innovation from today’s technology revolution to better serve people's needs, writes Chris Spannos.
A new wave of smart appliances could soon be spying on your every move, warns Chris Spannos.
The social media behemoth is seeking a massive digital 'land grab' to enclose the future of the country's internet, writes Chris...
Chris Spannos on the dangers of going online in the land of Al Saud.
The negotiations should consider the migrant crisis, argues Chris Spannos.
Chris Spannos speaks with the acclaimed public intellectual about the shift in US policy toward Cuba and what it signals.

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