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Chris Brazier

Once a writer for the rock music weekly Melody Maker (1977-80), Chris Brazier has been a co-editor of New Internationalist magazine since 1984. He has covered myriad subjects from masculinity to maternal mortality, Panafricanism to the paranormal, and has edited country issues on South Africa, Burkina Faso, Western Sahara, Bangladesh, Iran, China and Vietnam. He edits the country profile section of the magazine as well as its puzzle page. Since 2010 he has focused primarily on commissioning and editing New Internationalist’s books and other publications. He has also written regularly for UNICEF’s annual The State of the World’s Children report since 1997.

Chris is the author of Vietnam: The Price of Peace (Oxfam, 1992), The No-Nonsense Guide to World History (2001, 2006 & 2010) and Trigger Issues: Football (2007). He also compiled the New Internationalist anthologies Raging Against the Machine (2003) and Brief Histories of Almost Anything (2008).

Chris Brazier is known as @chrisbrazier24 on Twitter

Articles by Chris Brazier

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Chris Brazier discusses the emergence of 'world writing' with Elleke Boehmer of Oxford University.
Chris Brazier interviews Elleke Boehmer, Professor of World Literature in English at Oxford University.
One of the most salutary lessons I have learned is to value water as the greatest of gifts, writes Chris Brazier about his time...
Part three of Chris Brazier's blog series from Burkina Faso, making his fourth trip to the country since 1985.
Chris Brazier continues this blog series about his return to the country. This is part two.
Chris Brazier recalls the night he flew into the midst of a revolution and discovered he had made a serious error.
Turkey’s president exploits the recent attempted coup against him to crack down on opponents. Chris Brazier reports.
In a landmark moment, a group of leading construction firms apologized to workers for having blacklisted them, Chris Brazier...
How the artist helped to change Chris Brazier’s life.
The integrity of individuals should not be questioned if they do not sing the national anthem, argues Chris Brazier.
Haifa Fragments is a novel published by New Internationalist. In this video Chris Brazier explains how the book navigates...

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