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Carole Concha Bell

Articles by Carole Concha Bell

Carole Concha Bell on Chile’s unfinished revolution.
Thanks to newly declassified files, Chilean exiles have discovered that the same country which gave them refuge, was involved...
Police fire teargas canisters at protesters during the December 2019 demonstrations. Credit: Daniel Espinoza Guzmán
Despite its modern and prosperous image, Chile’s repressive institutions have remained intact since the Pinochet dictatorship....
Carole Concha Bell on Iván Duque’s ‘cosmetic’ police reform.
Credit: Daniel Espinosa Guzman
Carole Concha Bell speaks to defiant protesters who have been met with violence and intimidation ahead of Chile’s historic...
Carole Concha Bell on how projectionists have been censored for criticizing the Chilean government’s pandemic response.
Soldiers patrol Santiago, Chile. (February, 2020) Credit: Daniel Guzman Espinoza
In Chile, state security forces are increasingly detaining, beating and harassing the volunteers of community-led soup kitchens...

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