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Beulah Devaney

Articles by Beulah Devaney

Researchers from the Ocean Clean Up will place a 100-kilometre-long floating barrier off the Dutch coastline, Beulah Maud Devaney...
Beulah Devaney looks at the legal implications of a landmark case in the Netherlands.
Beulah Devaney looks at a system that’s failing to protect.
Why are we still confused by the idea that sex workers have human rights? asks Beulah Devaney.
As the island of Lesvos is overwhelmed with immigrants, the world of aid looks on. Beulah Devaney reports.
It’s not just the US that has a problem with racially-motivated police brutality, argues Beulah Devaney.
After the recent Dog Meat Festival, animal lovers are up in arms about China’s next dog-related event. Beulah Devaney disagrees.
Beulah Devaney wonders if the politician is a racist extremist, passionate advocate for freedom or spoilt child.
Beulah Devaney finds an unexpected message in the Hollywood blockbuster. 
Women and children are even more vulnerable following the earthquakes, writes Beulah Devaney, so what can we do?
Mediterranean tragedies have put the spotlight on Dutch immigration failings, writes Beulah Devaney.
The Dutch are helping transnationals avoid paying tax in austerity-hit Greece, writes Beulah Devaney.

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