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Anna Chen

Articles by Anna Chen

Conservative Capitalism has won, time to say goodbye to the Age of Enlightenment says Anna Chen.
New Internationalist columnist Anna Chen asks whether we should care about a few smashed (but fully insured) plate-glass windows.
Anna Chen celebrates hippies
If the Age of Enlightenment was about proving certainties, we’re entering the time of unravelment, when everything falls apart.
Anna Chen glimpses the future.
Anna Chen emerges from winter and wonders what happened to her backbone.
Anna Chen heaves a sigh of relief as Tony's plans to conquer Europe are halted.
Why are we all being criminalized? From media reports you’d think we were the most educationally-backward, pissed, pregnant, clap...
Shopping causes all sorts of moral dilemmas when goods are labelled 'West Bank', bemoans Anna Chen.
Anna Chen wonders quite what the difference is between Right and Left.
Anna Chen reckons we're all being driven towards a dystopian future, and that the next stop could be terminal...
Regular NI contributor Anna Chen casts the second Stone.

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