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Amy Booth

Amy Booth is a freelance journalist who reports on politics, society and human rights in Argentina and Bolivia. Alongside New Internationalist she's written for numerous international outlets including The Guardian, Al Jazeera and Vice.

Articles by Amy Booth

The Mothers of Plaza de Mayo during their weekly demonstration to establish the fate of their disappeared children and grandchildren during the 1976-83 dictatorship. Credit: Julio Etchart/Majority World.
Massive foreign debts and an impoverished population are intensifying age-old conflicts over natural resources in this...
Protesters against Argentina’s hunger crisis gather for a brew, 5 September 2019.  ​They had camped out overnight in front of the Ministry of Social Development in Buenos Aires. CAROL SMILJAN/NURPHOTO/PA
Why is hunger growing in a country known as an agricultural powerhouse? Amy Booth reports from Buenos Aires.
A riot police officer with a Bolivian flag is seen in Sacaba, on the outskirts of Cochabamba, Bolivia, November 15, 2019. REUTERS/Danilo Balderrama
Amy Booth on reports on why Bolivia's upcoming election is unlikely to be free and fair.
Amy Booth bids farewell to Cochabamba and shares what the ‘big village’ has revealed to her.
Bolivian prisons
Amy Booth visits a Bolivian prison and meets those let down by patchy law enforcement.
Bolivia post
Bolivians have had to get used to doing without postal services, writes Amy Booth.  
Cochabamba fire
Not a sign of progress but a cause for alarm. Amy Booth reports from Cochabamba’s overlong dry season
Cochabamba, Bolivia
Amy Booth reports from the back of beyond in Bolivia.
The wealthy West is an irresistible dream to many Bolivians, Amy Booth discovers.
Amy Booth visits an event of festive solidarity in support of a desperate cause.
Amy Booth visits a Bolivian isolated indigenous community fallen on hard times, striving to keep their culture alive
Playing with water is controversial in a place with a history of water struggles like Cochabamba, writes Amy Booth.

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