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Alessio Perrone

Alessio Perrone

Alessio Perrone is a freelance journalist whose work has appeared in The Guardian, Al Jazeera, Public Radio International and other outlets. Follow him on Twitter @alessioperrone.

Alessio Perrone is known as @www.twitter.com/alessioperrone on Twitter

Articles by Alessio Perrone

A toy corporation has tried to appear more diverse and progressive by creating a Frida Kahlo doll – but its efforts have...
A group of NGOs is ramping up efforts to protect some of Europe’s last pristine rivers.
Alessio Perrone meets the activists fighting to shine light on human rights abuses during Egypt’s dark days.
Electoral posters in Via d’Alviano, Milan. From left to right: Liberi e Uguali’s (‘Free and Equal’), three right-wing posters, and a centrist one.
In this election, Italians are without a strong Left prospect, reports Alessio Perrone.
A sketch of the proposed plan for the Camley Street sustainable development. Photo by Karukasevic and Carson architects
Radical plans might transform the way we approach development. Alessio Perrone reports.
China homosexuality
LGBT+ people are subjected to forced confinement, medication and electric shocks to try to change their sexual orientation,...
CONIFA World Cup: An Abkhazian fan at the 2016 tournament. Photo by Magdalena Chodownik
London is hosting an alternative ‘World Football Cup’ of unrecognized nations in June 2018. Alessio Perrone reports.
An inner-city neighbourhood in north London has a radical plan to fight gentrification, writes Alessio Perrone.
A mining firm is suing Romania over an environmentalist decision. By Alessio Perrone.
China’s appetite for citizen control is going one step further with a new bill that seeks to regulate how fast citizens sing...
Environmental groups are suing the Norwegian government after it handed out new licences to drill in the Arctic for the first...
The visually impaired community is celebrating a victory over the copyright industry, Alessio Perrone writes.

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