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New Internationalist can now provide campaigners to deliver interactive workshops on the following topics. The workshops consist of an introduction to the issue in question with a talk from one of our speakers. We then guide groups through the workshop with an interactive look at the topic, by posing questions and formulating group discussion.

Banking on Hunger
A look at how financial speculation has led to an increase in hunger in the developing world.

Is Aid Dead?
Does development aid actually do more harm than good in Africa?

Life Beyond Growth
With the economic recovery in Europe supposedly underway, we look at whether economic growth should be how we measure progress at all.

The Tar Sands
A look at one of the most environmentally devastating projects on the planet and how to campaign against it.

Humanitarian Intervention
To what extent do power relations jeopardise the merit of wars fought in the name of humanitarian motives?

The Arms Trade
A look at how the political and financial support given to the arms industry has led to human rights abuses worldwide.

The War on Drugs
After more than 40 years of fighting the ‘war on drugs’, is it time for governments to reassess their drug laws?

Inequality is arguably the defining political issue of our time. This workshop examines why, and at what cost, the age of the super-rich is upon us.

Alternatively, we can tailor workshops to fit in with campaigns or topics that are not listed. Contact us on and we’ll let you know if we can do it.

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