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Editorial contributions

Are you a journalist or editor with experience in writing concise, clear stories from an alternative view point?

Do you read New Internationalist and think you could contribute a high quality article along similar themes?

Only rarely do we commission pieces from writers we do not approach ourselves or whose work we have not already published. This should not stop you from pitching an idea though. Please be sure to describe your main areas of expertise, and include links to samples of your previous published work (or include samples as attachments). It also helps if what you are pitching relates specifically to our areas of interest.

We do, however, try to keep as much space as possible for completed pieces that arrive ‘on spec’. This is by far the simplest way to start as a contributor to the NI.

In either case, you can contact the editorial team at [email protected]

Receipt of all submissions will be acknowledged but please note that only those writers whose pitches are successful will then be contacted by a member of the editorial team.


Please browse through the site and you will find the names of the photo agencies that we use most frequently when selecting suitable photographs for inclusion in future magazines. If you would like your photos to be considered, it would be best to register them with the agency of your choice.

Feedback / Letters

Feedback and letters debating topics covered in the New Internationalist On-line are always welcome. Visit our special Feedback section for details.

Thank you.

Editorial contacts

Europe: Chris Brazier || Vanessa Baird || Dinyar Godrej || Jo Lateu || UK editorial office: The Old Music Hall, 106-108 Cowley Road, Oxford OX4 1JE UK phone: +44 1865 403345 fax: +44 1865 403346.

North America: Ian McKelvie, 2446 Bank Street, Suite 653, Ottowa, Ontario K1V 1A8.