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Jeremy Corbyn is an internationalist. But the British economy is hardwired to extract profit from the Global South. Barnaby Raine squares the circle.

Can this much lauded proposal help advance internationalist aims? Mark Engler argues that it could.

Nanjala Nyabola comments on the fluctuating, and often unaffordable, cost of local staples in Madagascar.

A treaty signed by the European Commission legitimized a Vietnamese government agency that facilitated the theft of roughly half a billion dollars of endangered species. Jack Davies reports.

Guangzhou is home to Asia’s largest African migrant population, who come to China chasing business opportunities, reputable universities and low living costs. Carlotta Dotto reports. 

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March-April 2019, Issue 518

Big story

  • Corbyn vs the nation
  • Worlds apart
  • How to be an internationalist
  • ¿Hasta siempre?
  • Solidarity with the Niger Delta

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  • Uber drivers of the world, unite!
  • The far-right international
  • Vijay Prashad on Thomas Sankara
  • Is veganism too confrontational?
  • Žižek talks Trump and Twitter

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