• TB Joshua poses in February 2020, in front of an image of Jesus cricified on tne cross.

    Is it time to divest from the business of evangelicalism?

    After the revelations about megachurch leader TB Joshua, Rosebell Kagumire reflects on religion, politics and power.

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    Issue 548 February 2024

    South Africa: 30 Years Later

    Thirty years on from the end of apartheid, South Africa is in the headlines for prosecuting Israel at the International Court of Justice.

    As elections approach, we look at the troubles facing this young democracy and ask if this new leading role in global politics could provoke a reckoning at home.

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    Issue highlights:

    • Africa's pandora's box
    • All rise
    • Morbid symptoms
    • The metal that bent
    • When the lights go out

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The long read

‘They want to erase us’

Sophie Neiman speaks to people putting everything on the line to overturn Uganda’s harsh new anti-gay law.




Uruguay remains distinctive in Latin America for the robustness of its democracy since the end of military rule, writes Julio Etchart. 

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Decolonize How

Justice from the King?

Ahead of a royal visit, communities violently evicted by colonial era settlers are calling for justice. Anthony Langat reports.


Why we need more heat pumps

They can significantly lower household emissions but remain unaffordable for many, Danny Chivers writes.

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Editors’ pick

Palestine: From accord to Apartheid

In the lead story from our May-June 2023 issue, Zoe Holman looks at how the so-called ‘peace process’ has allowed Israel to deepen its colonial project over Palestinian lives.

From the archive

The Long Wait of Thomas Kwoyelo

Sophie Neiman investigates the contentious war crimes case of a former child soldier in Uganda's ferocious Lord's Resistance Army.

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  • Climate Capitalism
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  • Decolonize now
  • Palestine: From occupation to uprising

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