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Machiguenga children at play in Manu’s spectacular wilderness, while their pet spider monkey explores a tree. CHARLIE JAMES/NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC/ALAMY

The limits of eden

Indigenous people living in Peru’s Manu National Park have been locked out of its management. Could change be on the horizon? asks Jack Lo Lau.

Latest issue: March-April 2021

Democracy on the edge

Community resistance by ‘Shell to Sea’ campaigners in Ireland, who have linked their struggle to those against Shell in Nigeria. Image by Mark Stedman/Photocall Ireland

As a new report exposes the billions of pounds invested in fossil fuels by UK local government pension funds, Platform’s Laurie Mompelat questions who we can trust with the future.

Credit: The-movement-2000/WikiCommons

The UK regulator IMPRESS is calling for evidence on press standards relating to discrimination, harassment, online journalism and other issues.

A mural featuring a pro-Trump protester, self-styled QAnon ‘shaman’ Jacob Chansley, appeared in Tunbridge Wells, UK, a few days after the storming of the US Congress in Washington on 6 January. KARWAI TANG/WIREIMAGE/GETTY

Unloved and under threat from several sides, democracy seems to be in peril. Should it be saved – or helped to change? Vanessa Baird investigates.

Tourists and photographers zoom in on wildlife at the Mara river during the great wildebeest migration, Maasai Mara National Reserve, Kenya. ERIC BACCEGA/ALAMY

Conservationists in the Global South are seeking sustainable pathways, finds Graeme Green.

Seirian Sumner gives voice to a creature of amazing ecological value that humans usually consider a pest and the stinging scourge of summer picnics.

A tiny but fierce hunter explains to Seirian Sumner why humans need it around.

From left to right: Bullseye harlequin poison dart frog from the rainforest of Colombia. Dirk Ercken/Alamy; A conservationist demonstrates to a class of schoolchildren the whooping crane costume used to rear chicks. Nature and Science/Alamy; Andatu, the first Sumatran rhinoceros born in captivity in Indonesia. Reynold Sumakyu/Alamy

Four case histories of extraordinary efforts to save threatened species. 

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A small-scale farm worker pictured in Tanzania.  (Alun McDonald/Oxfam)

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Credit: Daniel Espinosa Guzman

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Lanaré Sévi/WikiCommons

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Photo by Bureau of Land Management New Mexico

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A car cleaner in Monrovia, Liberia. Informal workers have been hardest hit by lockdown measures. TOMMY E TRENCHARD/ALAMY

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Health workers demonstrate handwashing techniques to Mukuru community members. Photo: Victoria Nthenge

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