Kate Osamor, Labour’s shadow international development secretary, speaks to Yohann Koshy about aid and empire.

Are you a non-black person unsure of how to support black struggles? Kristina Wong has some ideas for you.

Young people in Brazil reconnect with their African roots, by Amy Hall.

Kam Sandhu questions some persistent assumptions.

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February 2018, Issue 510

Big story

  • A challenge to power
  • Reclaiming pride
  • Working class in Britain? You must be white
  • Our lives, our lands
  • Six ways to be a better ally

Also this issue …

  • Noam Chomsky talks to Andy Heintz
  • Plantation leaves no land, no jobs for villagers
  • Introducing... Iceland’s new PM
  • No promised land: how Israel is failing asylum seekers
  • Indigenous lawyer Anabela Carlón Flores vs. the pipeline

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F.A. Cole at Women Safe Institute, January 2018. Photo: Kyle G. Brown
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Electoral posters in Via d’Alviano, Milan. From left to right: Liberi e Uguali’s (‘Free and Equal’), three right-wing posters, and a centrist one.

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