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Profit over the planet: A care-based economy would do the opposite. ZHANG KAIYV/UNSPLASH

Embedding the economy – with care

Richard Swift examines the deep roots of the market economy’s failures. Time for a radical rethink.

Latest issue: November-December 2020

A caring economy: What would it take?


Indiscriminate hater Andrzej Duda divides Poland.

Yewande Omotoso ponders how belonging to a city goes beyond the bald fact of living in it.

UK Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak jettisoned the UK's pledge to retain the UK's 0.7 per cent foreign aid commitment this week. Credit: Andrew Parsons

Britain’s aid budget cut is the act of a callous government. But we must re-think aid if we’re to turn the tide, writes Nick Dearden.

Uyghur poet and teacher Abduweli Ayup talks to Jan-Peter Westad about language, cultural survival and the unspeakable.

From dealing with Covid-19, to finding inventive ways to make ends meet, three workers from the Philippines, Trinidad and Tobago and Zimbabwe tell their stories.

Albertina is 15 and the oldest of three sisters. When her mother died she took over responsibility for raising her younger siblings. Now she wants to become a nurse. CHRIS DE BODE/PANOS

It’s essential work yet it is undervalued across the world. Amy Hall makes the case for putting care front and centre.

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Make them pay action at COP25, Madrid. Credit: Victor Barro/FoEI

Amy Hall gives a rundown of some of the companies and industries who have ramped up their ruinous...

Students of group 11 and 12 get computer education in the computer classroom of secondary government school ‘Anjoor’ in the village Ramanagaram, 60km from Bangalore. Credit: Wim Klerx/Computer caste

Schoolchildren are falling through the digital divide, writes Nilanjana Bhowmick.

QAnon has a lot to learn from Brazil, writes Leonardo Sakamoto.

QAnon has a lot to learn from Brazil, writes Leonardo Sakamoto.

Natalia Kaliada on the women rising up against Alexander Lukashenko. 

Natalia Kaliada on the women rising up against Alexander Lukashenko. 

(c) Kumail Rizvi

A data dive into global trends explores how rising malnourishment co-exists with overabundance and waste.

Betty Bigombe

Death threats delivered by bleeding amputees were not enough to deter Betty Bigombe from trying to make...

Garment workers are seen at their desks during a shift in a clothing plant in Bangladesh. Photo : Marcel Crozet / ILO

Tansy Hoskins on how garment makers could be better protected in future.

Newly displaced people waiting by the side of the road after fleeing attacks in Barsalogho, in northcentral Burkina Faso. TOM PEYRE-COSTA/NORWEGIAN REFUGEE COUNCIL

Sam Mednick on Burkina Faso’s unfolding humanitarian crisis.

Baiga women in Madhya Pradesh, India collecting leaves. Credit: ephotocorp.

As the UN convenes the Biodiversity Summit in New York, Joji Cariño, Andy Whitmore, Milka Chepkorir...

[Credit: Eleanor Shakespeare]

New Internationalist launches a one-year series dedicated to unpicking why hunger persists.


Photo: Fifaliana-Joy/Pixabay

Amy Hall speaks to the campaigners leading the call against childhood incarceration of Aboriginal and...

Peter Whittaker, Jo Lateu, and Vanessa Baird weigh up the latest releases in progressive...

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