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A look at the sky from the bottom of the well

Poetry, prose and FACTS from Falun Dafa, Tibet and Gay China.

Filed in: China Gay Rights Minorities Tibet

  • September 1, 2004
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Forest Freedom

Filed in: Indonesia Land Minorities

  • November 5, 1999
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Power Of Protest

Filed in: Human Rights Indonesia Minorities

  • November 5, 1999
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White Nation: Fantasies of White Supremacy in a Multicultural Society

Pakistanis in the British midlands, North Africans in urban France, Indo-Chinese in suburban Australia: all have felt the sting of betrayal that comes by living in what might officially be a ‘multicultural’ nation.

Filed in: Migration Minorities Nationalism Race

Zenilda da Silva Vilacio

Janet Smith visits a determined indigenous woman fighting for the rights of women and of her people in the Brazilian Amazon.

Filed in: Activism Brazil Human Rights Indigenous Peoples Minorities Women

The stolen ones

The cries of thousands of Aboriginal Australians who were kidnapped by the state have been stifled. Now Tjalaminu Mia tells her own story.

Filed in: Australia Children Human Rights Indigenous Peoples Minorities Race

Calvin Klein and the tea pickers

From Gudalur to Gloucester, some unusual alliances are being forged, reports Mari Marcel Thekaekara.

Filed in: Indigenous Peoples Minorities Poverty

The Nail That Sticks Out

Filed in: Japan Minorities

  • May 5, 1992
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They Stole My Name

Filed in: Bulgaria Minorities Race

  • March 5, 1992
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