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The process is an ass!

Rushed decisions, disproportionate sentences and collective punishments mean the post-riots legal process is on shaky ground, argues Peter Speller.

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Spain versus the despots

The international round-up continues with Spain’s attempt to put dictators worldwide on trial.

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They are watching you

– a survey of how and where.

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Polyp's Big Bad World – June 2002

Let’s play the War Criminal Gameshow!

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Multimedia dreaming

Aboriginal Australian writer Christine Morris on boring home videos and why culture is not a commodity.

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Death for penalty

A growing number of municipalities and organizations in the US have passed resolutions calling for a national death-penalty moratorium.

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Joining the witch–hunt

Peace and reconciliation via witch-hunting? The concepts may not be incompatible, argues Nancy Scheper-Hughes.

Filed in: Human Rights Law South Africa

Invasion of the frog–snatchers

US bioprospecters are cashing in on Ecuador’s natural resources prompting calls for regulation and compensation.

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Clipping the condor's claws

Marcela López Levy believes the South American generals have good reason to be nervous.

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Dealing With Dreams

Drugs bring out our fears and prejudices - we see them as a threat from the seedy world of junkies and traffickers. But in reality we are all drug-takers. Chris Brazier explains why the hidden face of drugs should be turned to the light.

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