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‘Democracy does not apply to Aboriginal people’

To mark Australia Day on 26 January, Christoph Behrends talks to Aboriginal rights activist Michael Anderson about past and current struggles.

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Israel evicts Bedouin villagers

More than 30,000 Bedouin, which the Israeli government call ‘squatters’, face eviction to make way for settlements, reports Libby Powell.

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Why Evo Morales did a U-turn on the TIPNIS Amazon highway

Georgiana Keate reports on a victory for indigenous people in Bolivia, who are forcing their president to honour his word.

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  • May 1, 2005
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From monoculture in Montana to the spreading Gobi desert in China, how our assault on the earth has eroded its thin skin of soil.

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Cutting The Wire

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  • January 5, 2003
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Forest Freedom

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  • November 5, 1999
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