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Riding for their lives

The bleak story of tiny children used as camel jockeys in the United Arab Emirates, told in photographs by Daoud Khan.

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Rukshana: 'It's easy to fall in love, but very difficult to endure it'

Why boys are a pain for a Mumbai girl on the move. Interview in India by Dionne Bunsha.

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Dolgion: 'Life is given only once'

People call us transheiny [sewage] kids and shun us. I’ve been living like this for the last four years. Before we lived in Yarmag District [an Ulaanbaatar suburb] in a gher [traditional felt-covered round tent of nomads]. My mother

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So you want to help?

Here’s how!

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Jack:'The Kind of life I want'

Pipedreams from the Philippines.

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Lean-Joy:'I shouldn't lose hope because it won't be forever'

Determination and hope in Manila, the Philippines.

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Street children: read between the lines

Dinyar Godrej explains why children should do the talking… and we should listen.

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Tanya:'Its better to die of AIDS than hunger'

Sex and sisterhood in Harare, Zimbabwe. Interview by Stanley Karombo.

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Fish heads & faith

Child photographers capture the streets.

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  • April 1, 2005
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Vigilante heaven

In Latin America the forces of order have gone freelance. Anastasia MoLoney exposes the continent’s social cleansing industry.

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Suffer little children

Religions often target the young. Marilyn Mason counts the human cost.

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  • August 1, 2004
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