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From a scorched land

Two survivors from Karen state, where the Burmese military has been laying villages to waste, tell their stories.

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Boycott Lonely Planet

Stop buying Lonely Planet books until BBC withdraws Burma edition.

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Daring to dream

Dinyar Godrej on what truly inspires.

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Than Shwe

Sullen, unresponsive and boring he may be, but Than Shwe is Burma’s Number One, leader of one of the world’s most brutal regimes. The banality of evil has rarely been more apparent.

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  • September 1, 2005
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Myint Myint Wai

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  • April 5, 2003
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Interview with Myint Myint Wai

Exiled Burmese activist Myint Myint Wai recalls her desperate time in prison.

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Burmese daze

Despite a woeful human rights record and an international boycott, foreign investment in Burma continues to surge.

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