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Are ordinary Tuaregs becoming Mali conflict scapegoats?

Nick Harvey and Julien Tremblin look at the plight of Tuareg refugees caught in the crossfire of a conflict that’s as devastating as it is complex.

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The race to beat the West Africa food crisis

More than 13 million people are at risk of hunger in the Sahel. Jack Craze reports on reactions and reasons why.

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Daring to dream

Dinyar Godrej on what truly inspires.

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Life on Earth

Through his patient, loving camera and his tough intellect, based on Césaire, Sissako has created a beautiful, fully controlled work of film.

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Country Profile

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  • January 5, 1997
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Mamadou's Harvest

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  • September 5, 1985
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  • March 5, 1985
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